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At StreamTalent our focus is to help our customers overcome the challenges of attracting talent. To do this we have built our own recruitment marketing software to enable our recruiters to create engaging recruitment marketing as part of our recruitment service and therefore deliver superb shortlists effectively.

Our recruiters are experts in their niche industries and have large networks across major sectors Technology, Sales & Marketing, Construction & Engineering, Health and Community Services.

Why is Stream Talent the agency to work with if you are a company, candidate, or recruiter? The answer is simple! We have created a service that is better for everybody involved. This includes the company, candidate, and the recruiter.

For our Clients

To engage the best talent from recruiter networks, you can no longer rely on outdated tactics to make your employer brand both attractive and attention grabbing.

By coupling experienced recruiters with the technology and knowledge to deliver recruitment marketing as part of the recruitment service we enable companies to have their brand represented in a way that sets them apart.

Your recruiters ensure you will experience all the benefits of a relationship based recruitment service but the result will be a pipeline of qualified and engaged candidates that enables you to find the perfect hire faster.

For our Candidates

When we realized that the number one hesitation for candidates is not knowing what the employer and job are truly like, we knew we had to do something to break down this barrier.

By working in partnership with our clients to deliver content around their employer brand, we provide candidates with an experience that saves them time and enables them to make the right career choice with a more trusted approach.

Our consultants are experts that provide advice and guidance throughout the entire process of you career move that will lead you to an exciting new role with a remarkable company.

For our Employees

Recruitment agencies have been stereotyped into not being different or inventive. StreamTalent wanted to break this narrative.

By empowering our recruiters to deliver a unique recruitment service that includes recruitment marketing our recruiters experience major benefits they don’t at other agencies:

  • Having a true point of difference that helps build relationships with clients and create a better experience for candidates.
  • Having a true value add that give companies reason to work with recruiters exclusively where the recruiter can deliver their best work and do more interesting work rather than just traditional sourcing.
  • Our recruiters experience growth, upskill in solutions selling, employer branding and recruitment marketing makeing them more valuable recruiters.

Whether you are a Company looking to hire, a candidate looking for your next role or a Recruitment Consultant looking to join an innovative team, please reach out to experience a truly unique recruitment offering that we believe will be the gold standard of the future.

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